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Eureka Homes Limited is the undisputed fast growing real estate and apartment development company. Our projects are characterized by their innovative planning solutions & design features. Each project is executed with meticulous detail and tremendous precision by our incomparable design team. Our consultants are handpicked from the very best in the city. Therefore, our team is comprised of those experts who have fresh ideas and love to think outside the box and thus create not only a house rather an outstanding place for your living.  We provide our clients with the opportunity to customize their homes with a great degree of freedom and always keep environmental & social responsibilities  in mind when undertaking our projects. This is what gives us an edge over our competitors and why Eureka Homes is a natural choice for your real estate solutions!


The Philosophy of Eureka Homes is to innovate and always strive for the best in everything we do, be it the best plots for the buildings we construct; thoughtful planning; attention to the smallest detail and dedication to quality. It is important to us to bring forth ideas that are novel and fresh because it is these ideas which inevitably lead to innovation. Professionalism in every task, however small, is vital in achieving our goals and our unrivalled degree of p0rofessional care results in long term benefits to our customers. The same professionalism we place in our products remains after the completion of our projects. We attend to any grievances faced by our clients and actively participate in the maintenance of our properties, ensuring customer satisfaction. Since inception Eureka Homes has been delivering projects and leading the sector towards higher standards of planning for a better quality of life. We have succeeded in carving ourselves a niche at the top of Dhaka’s real estate sector. Our design consultants are handpicked from the very best in the country and we more than welcome the opinions and suggestions of our clients with regards to the design of our projects. Our clients are provided with an array of sound options when customizing their apartments which can be changed even in the eleventh hour!


Our Identity:

Our products speak for themselves! Eureka Homes is continuously striving for higher quality for customers. We cater to those with discerning tastes and preferences. Each product is customized according to our various clients’ needs. Our friendly design professionals will work with you directly to give you your unique home focusing on your choice, taste and style. Eureka’s products have come a long way since the start of the company. They keep getting better and every single one competes for the front page of our catalogue!




We at Eureka Homes Limited give great importance to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We wish to undertake business activities which benefit the economy, the social world that we live in and the environment around us simultaneously. The idea behind Corporate Social Responsibility is to create a framework which encourages responsible behavior by businesses and Eureka Homes Limited intends to adhere to this ideology. We would like to keep social progress, protection of the environment and careful use of natural resources in mind when determining our business objectives, so that a superior standard of living is ensured for present and future generations.