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Eureka Ruby Garden Project

| Kazi House, 222/1 Malibagh, Dhaka, Dhaka 1217


Waterfront Property: Swimming Pool, Water Spring

Features: Foundation Structure and super-structure has been designed to withstand earth quake measuring up to 7.5-80 Richter scale or cyclones of velocity of 220 kph
Elevators / Lifts: Four Modern Elevators
Generator: 100KVA Standby Canopy Generator
Open Space: About 50% Open Space for proper ventilation
Fitness Centre: Gents and Ladies, Fitness Walk-way
Extra facilities: Ecological Garden, Children Corner, Decorative Reception for Guest, Prayer Hall, Community Hall, Association Meeting
Security : Security Living Room
Compliance: 100% compliance of BNBC


Every tenant often drams of having a peaceful and eco-friendly apartment of his own but very difficult to afford or find the same with his/her dream desire. Yes! We have come forward with such a project which is within affordable limit along with as per dream desire. Before purchase an apartment in any apartment complex building one should think about its architectural and structural design and others aspects such as proper compliances of RAJUK rules during construction and whether building has designed as per Bangladesh National Building Code 2008 or not. Honestly we are assuring you all those.

Great Design Demystified: Contrary to what you might have heard, there’s a lot more to great design than meets the eye. The best homes/apartments live as good as they look. Architects call it form and function. We call it Life Design and it’s comprised of Sight Lines, Traffic Patterns, Room Placement, and Windows & Light etc.


Property Location | Kazi House, 222/1 Malibagh, Dhaka, Dhaka 1217

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